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General Partner Mark Alan Gipson

Mark Alan Gipson, is the son of Texas O&G pioneer Charles Rodger Gipson, the lead engineer on the Alaska Pipeline Project and founder of Control Technologies Services, the Texas-based chemical engineering company who built the analyzer houses and computerized control rooms that operate the majority of the global oil and chemical refineries worldwide. Mark Alan Gipson was born in Houston, Texas, as a native fifth generation Texan, however he was raised in Alaska from the time he was two months old, until the age of six, during the time his father worked for British Petroleum (BP) on the Alaskan Pipeline Project. Mark Alan Gipson’s first dog growing up in Alaska, was a huge Alaskan Wolf Hound that Mark named “Bear” and as a child he would ride on the back of his dog “Bear” like a horse through the snow in the Alaskan wilderness. After returning to Houston, his family lived in a historic 1920’s bayhouse on Galveston Bay where as a teenager Mark Alan Gipson learned to sail and navigate the bays, bayous and rivers basins along the Texas Gulf Coast. He also developed a lifelong love of fishing and sharing a fresh catch with his friends and family. Mark Alan Gipson had traveled to all 50 states before his 13th birthday and had visited most of the National Parks exploring the U.S. on road-trips with his family. At the age of 15, Mark Alan Gipson was one of the youngest Eagle Scouts in Texas history. After graduating from Clear Creek high school, Mark Alan Gipson worked for NASA at the age of 18 giving tours and lectures about the lunar mission and space shuttle mission control rooms to international visitors at NASA as a summer job before moving to Austin to attend the University of Texas at Austin.

At The University of Texas at Austin he double majored in economics and history or as he calls it “theory and reality” with a focus on International Business at the George Kozmetsky School of Business at University of Texas at Austin, later renamed the McCombs School of Business. At the age of 20, Mark Alan Gipson circumnavigated the seven seas, traveling around South America, Africa, India and Asia on a 100 day voyage around the World on a Semester at Sea. After graduation from UT-Austin, Mark Alan Gipson chose not to walk in his father’s footsteps and rather than pursue a path in petroleum engineering, Mark Alan Gipson decided to focus on his interest in software start-ups and new technology ventures and soon after getting he degrees from University of Texas at Austin Mark Alan Gipson was invited to join the Austin Technology Incubator at the height of the “dot-com” boom. While at ATI Mark Alan Gipson evaluated business plans, helped connect entrepreneurs with good ideas to venture capitalist to launch start-up companies and learned what it takes to build business plans into brands by working with creative entrepreneurs and experienced mentors at ATI, located in the historic Austin Micro Chip Consortium (MCC) building. While working full-time at ATI, he concurrently studied for his Masters in Science and Technology Commercialization MSTC and launched his first internet company at the age of 22. It was in those early years at ATI that Mark Alan Gipson worked from 6am to 9pm, seven days a week until he became an “overnight success” as a dot-com internet entrepreneur. He sold his first internet company at 24, however, Mark Alan Gipson did not act like the stereotypical young dot-com CEO of the time, he started giving back to the community at an early age.

Mark Alan GIpson was a self-made man, serial technology entrepreneur, start-up adviser, economic development consultant and was working with mentors on a new software company when he was offered the challenging position of Global Programs Manager at The University of Texas IC2 Institute for Creativity & Capital, where he was honored to have the privilege of working with his mentor, Dr. George Kozmetsky, for the last 5 years of Dr. Kozmetsky’s life. Mark Alan Gipson was a founding member of the Austin Clean Energy Initiative, A.C.E and he spoke to international delegations about the transformation of Austin, that changed Austin from cattle and politics to a software and hardware based TECHNOPOLIS where academia, industry and government network and work together in harmony as a model of wealth creation and economic sustainability. Mark Alan Gipson conducted extensive research and reported to community economic leaders, action plans and recommendations regarding technology infrastructure development and gained a reputation through his projects, as being a champion of regional entrepreneurship at the local level, because of his acute focus on the importance of what he refers to as the “local layer” of the Austin economy. Mark Alan Gipson was also invited to serve as co-director of the UT-School of Architecture Center for Sustainable Development where he helped secure large scale corporate grants to provide long term funding for research in sustainable materials, design, communities and economic development.

Mark Alan Gipson worked for economic development clients both nationally and internationally, including extensive involvement in planning and developing Biotech, Education, Science and Technology Parks (BEST Project) in Central America. Mark Alan Gipson advised executives, including the CEO of Korea Telcom on U.S. business practices and 5G wifi deployment strategies. However, from the dozens of various economic development projects he participated in over his years at the IC2 “think tank” the one project that Mark Alan Gipson is most proud of, happened early in his career, when he worked on classified defense related projects, in partnership with Sandia National Labs, Los Alamos and International Defense Research agencies to explore peaceful uses for advanced nuclear technologies; Mark Alan Gipson hosted a delegation of international weapons scientist at his family bay house on the Texas Gulf Coast, to help find potential commercial uses for new scientific research and advanced nuclear related technologies that were considered of strategic importance to the U.S. at the time. Mark Alan Gipson personally mentored for over a year, second generation, international nuclear weapons scientist from SAROV LABS on the importance of nuclear weapons technology commercialization, to help foster peace, prosperity and a sustainable future.

Mark Alan Gipson founded a VR Applications Development company in Dec 2012 (12/12/12) to use new VR360 Mobile Applications for economic development site selection, showcase visually Austin Non-Profits and digitize Texas Historic Preservation. VTA (Virtual Tour Applications) competed against Google and won major contracts, Mark Alan Gipson was featured on the cover of the Austin Business Journal in an article by award winning Austin Technology journalist Chris Calahaghn. Dell Children’s Hospital, Austin Ronald McDonald House, Austin School for the Deaf, Texas School for the Blind, Austin Trail of Lights Foundation, THINKERY Austin Children’s Museum, City of Austin Parks & Recreation Dept, The University of Texas at Austin, Umlauf Sculpture Gardens, Barton Springs and a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) VR project for the Zilker Botanical Gardens that was featured in the Austin-American Statesman. Early VTA Corporate clients included Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater ACL-LIVE, Circuit of the Americas COTA, and local Austin landmarks like Mozart’s Coffee Shop on Lake Austin, Velvet Cinema and Alamo Draft House and large scale projects for  Tito’s Handmade Vodka, ABIA Hilton Hotel, BECK Construction, Houston Wortham Center, George R. Brown Convention Center, Jones Hall Performance Center, Miller Outdoor Theater, as well as U.S. National and International private use projects for local governments and non-public industrial applications.

As a traditional investor, his early investments included Google in 2004, Facebook in 2012 and Apple in 2014 and more recently TSLA in 2018 and Moderna in early 2020 but now he’s again betting big on the future investing in the Private Equity Venture Capital Funds that he manages.  As a businessman, Mark Alan Gipson is known for keeping his business close to his chest and generally speaking likes to avoid the public spotlight, all of his companies are privately held and yes it is true that he has been described by people who don’t know him, as an “eccentric tech millionaire” however, those who know him well, say Mark Alan Gipson is a “genuine, kind and driven person, with a great sense of humor” who in his own words, loves what he does; “I invest in innovative ideas and help grow start-ups into successful brands, there is no more rewarding work than helping people make their dreams come true and bringing true innovation to market.” Mark Alan Gipson is also an avid photographer and world traveler, visiting all 50 states and 143 countries so far.

As an early adopter of the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Mark Alan Gipson moved approximately half of his wealth into BTC in late 2016 and has been riding on the wave of the historic bitcoin profits created by the digital BTC currency boom ever since. Professionally Mark Alan Gipson works primarily from his offices in California and Texas as is the Founder and General Partner of a dynamic network of U.S. Private Equity Venture Capital Funds. Most of the funds managed by Mark Alan Gipson have a minimum investment of $500,000 and are currently only available to accredited investors.

From 2018-2020 Mark Alan Gipson acquired over 150 early seed stage software, blockchain and mobile app start-ups and is currently offering select investment opportunities to qualified investors across multiple traditional private equity funds as well as  digital venture capital investing platforms. Qualified Investors from the US, Asia, Europe and International investors may also be allowed to participate in the private equity venture capital using fiat currency only. By providing private equity venture funding to a broad spectrum of industries, Mark Alan Gipson owns and operates a diverse network of an estimated 500 active companies worldwide. Additionally, Mark Alan Gipson owns International real estate resort holding companies in Costa Rica, the Mediterranean (Ibiza, Spain) and Southeast Asia where Mark Alan Gipson personally helped finance the rebuilding of the tourist resort areas devastated by the Tsunami of December, 26 2004. 

As the Executive Director of the Mark Alan Gipson 503(c) Foundation he is currently focused on the timely distribution of the Covid-19 Vaccine to rural and remote locations in the United States and developing countries Internationally. In addition to providing mobile covid-19 vaccination units, the Mark Alan Gipson foundation is distributing free Covid-19 masks and offering free mobile covid-19 testing services by vaccinated healthcare professionals to people who qualify for financial assistance. Mobile Covid-19 testing services are being made available in high risk, low-income areas and developing countries worldwide. The Mark Alan Gipson Foundation is developing the Menta lHealth Time portal as a community resource focused on addressing the needs of individuals affected by mental health issues such as depression, PTSD, anxiety and other serious mental health concerns related to the Covid-19 virus pandemic. The Mark Alan Gipson Foundation is committed to funding long-term projects related to Covid-19 Vaccinations with private endowments and financial corporate contributions from companies owned by Mark Alan Gipson. 

Past projects of the Mark Alan Gipson Foundation include the Cross Border Institute for Regional Development – Border Enterprise Zones, Economic Development, Border Issues, Business Trends, Economic forecasts with the common goal of International Border Conflict Resolution. Texas Historical Preservation Society, for the digital preservation of historic sites, utilizing digital video, 3D digital imaging technology and digital storytelling for the preservation of historical landmarks, with education and outreach programs to include mobile apps with embedded multimedia presenting historically relevant content to tell the story visually behind the historic landmarks throughout the State of Texas with a focus on bringing history into reach for school children who otherwise might not get to experience it. Gulf Coast Wildlife Conservation Foundation, Gulf Coast Regional Wetlands initiatives, focus on coastal birds, wetland wildlife habitats, research grants, long term planning, and regional environmental impact assessments.